Meet the Makers: Mikey and Erick of Wolfe + Huntr & Shapeshifter

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Wolfe+Huntr Logo Flat WhiteBG

Shapeshifter Logo Flat White BG

What do you make? How did you get into it?
Mikey: Shapeshifter and Wolfe+Huntr are both independent clothing and accessories brands. Shapeshifter started when I randomly decided to make a chain harness for myself back in 2010 when I was working for a certain brand that was showing in Philippine Fashion Week, and it kind of took off from there.
Erick: I collaborated with Mikey for Shapeshifter’s second collection in 2013 by making wire accessories. We always talk about making new stuff, and from there, we just sort of found ourselves conceptualizing another brand that was a bit more my style haha (Mikey’s style is a bit more grunge ala-Shapeshifter, and mine is a bit friendlier hahaha)

Meet the guys behind Wolfe + Huntr & Shapeshifter--Erick and Mikey.

Meet the guys behind Wolfe + Huntr & Shapeshifter–Erick and Mikey.

Are you a full-time crafter? If not, what is your day job?
Erick: I manage my family’s Logistics Company. I’m an engineer by degree.
Mikey: My degree’s in Psychology, but I pursued creatives instead. I’m a full-time advertising creative doing mostly writing and illustration.

What motivates you in pursuing this business?
Erick and Mikey: We’ve always wanted our own brand. We love to work with our hands and create stuff, so putting up Shapeshifter and Wolfe+Huntr came quite naturally.

Check out the graphic shirts of Shapeshifter.

Check out the graphic shirts of Shapeshifter.

What are some of the challenges of maintaining a craft business?
Erick and Mikey: We haven’t had many challenges actually—more like a fear of running out of ideas, or going the other end of the spectrum and getting carried away with going all-out that our stuff becomes too gimmicky. It’s really trying to find a balance between what we’d love to create, and what people would want to wear.

What’s a new skill–craft or business–that you’d like to learn?
Erick and Mikey: SEWING and PATTERN-MAKING! Haha


What’s your most recent craft business milestone?
Erick: I think our biggest recent craft milestone is registering our brands officially. We wanna be legit!
Mikey: Joining more bazaars recently is also a big milestone. Shapeshifter began really as just an online thing, selling to friends. Coming up with a good inventory to sell in bazaars I feel is quite a milestone as well.

What is your favorite lesson in your experience of your business?
Erick: It pays to be OC.
Mikey: …And outgoing!


What craft business advice can you share with other aspiring entrepreneurs?
Erick and Mikey: Don’t sell something you wouldn’t wear or use!

Um, if you were a craft tool, what would you be? And why?
Erick: A ruler, because I don’t like creating waste. The more precise you are, the less likely you’ll waste materials.
Mikey: I’ll be a craft knife. I have to keep myself sharp so that I can continue creating.


What can we expect to see from you guys at the upcoming Maker’s Market?
Erick and Mikey: Lots of leather, lots of chains; original illustrations on our shirts, and the opportunity to have harnesses or accessories custom-made for you!

Where else can we find your work?
Erick and Mikey: We’re on facebook and instagram! Just look for weareshapeshifters, and wolfeandhuntr.

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Some of Wolfe + Huntr’s classic pieces. Check them out at the Maker’s Market at the Global Pinoy Bazaar! Last day today.

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