Meet the Makers: Meet Francis and Francine of Tienda Wabas

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We’ve been happy to have Francis and Francine of Tienda Wabas as regulars at our different Maker’s Market events through the years.  Get to know more about this bookbinding superduo.

What do you make? How did you get into it?
Tienda Wabas is the brand that we use to sell several products, especially crafts, to help support the studies of our crafter. Right now, our main focus is on handmade notebooks, which can be customized and personalized depending on what the customer wants. We are also looking into more ways to incorporate crafts to everyday experiences so that our customers can have handmade items as part of their day to day life.


Meet Francine (the crafter) and Francis (the everything else) of Tienda Wabas. 🙂

Are you a full-time crafter? If not, what is your day job?
Not a full-time crafter. Our crafter is still a student working on her Fine Arts degree.


Check out the beautiful artworks that adorn Tienda Wabas’ notebooks.

What motivates you in pursuing this business?
We like the idea of making something that people will appreciate and use, knowing that it wasn’t made by a machine in a mass produced way. We also like the fact that the artworks that our crafter makes are carried around by people, and they can show these to everyone who might see it.

One of Tienda Wabas' hand-stitched coptic bound journals.

One of Tienda Wabas’ hand-stitched coptic bound journals.

What are some of the challenges of maintaining a craft business?
The challenges of the craft business is that it takes a lot of time of produce our product, as well as marketing materials that will help people know about us. We also have to constantly think about how to work with our schedules, so that we give enough time to the business.

Check out the nifty things these guys can do with hand-stitchery for journals!

Check out the nifty things these guys can do with hand-stitchery for journals!

What’s a new skill–craft or business–that you’d like to learn?
We’re currently in the process of learning photoshop, and other computer design software, that will help us market our business better. On the craft side, we’d also like to learn felting, including different felting techniques like watercolor felting.

Need a tiny journal to hang around your neck?  Search no more!

Need a tiny journal to hang around your neck? Search no more!

What’s your most recent craft business milestone?
We recently shifted our focus from exclusively bazaars and online orders to having shelf space in some stores.

Your personalized holiday gifts await.

Your personalized holiday gifts await.

What is your favorite lesson in your experience of your business?
We learned how to spot red flags with bazaar organizers, especially how to tell if a certain bazaar will be handled professionally or if it can properly showcase our products.

Expanding their product roster--perfect-bound journals!

Expanding their product roster–perfect-bound journals!

What craft business advice can you share with other aspiring entrepreneurs?
Learn to deal with disappointment. Some endeavors will fail. You have to move on and learn from them.

Wear your thoughts, folks.  Wear your thoughts.

Wear your thoughts, folks. Wear your thoughts.

Um, if you were a craft tool, what would you be? And why?
Our crafter says she would be a needle. The motion of the needle is to go in one thing and come out another, bringing those two things together in the process. It can also fix things. In that way, our crafter says she brings together different ways of making crafts and solves problems as she goes along.

We're putting this here because we love this.  And because these guys are awesome.

We’re putting this here because we love this. And because these guys are awesome.

What can we expect to see from you guys at the upcoming Maker’s Market?
This will be the first Maker’s Market where we will be selling our Perfect Bound notebooks. These come in painted and unpainted varieties, so customers can buy one that has a artwork on it or they can make their own work of art.


Hand-painted perfect-bound books. Perfect for your holiday gifts (to friends and to yourself).

Where else can we find your work?
We currently have our product in Hello MNL store near UST, Empire in Maginhawa St. near UP Diliman, and Kendo Creative in Cubao Expo.

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