Meet the Makers: Margaux of Creative Chaos

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Margaux's style of altered art uses everyday objects, like puzzles and domino blocks.

Margaux’s style of altered art uses everyday objects, like puzzles and domino blocks.

What do you make? How did you get into it?
I actually just recently found out that there is a term for what I do and it is even considered a genre – Altered Art. This is a form of mixed media art and is the modification of ordinary objects’ function and meaning by turning them into art pieces through various techniques like rubber stamping, image transfer, collage, decoupage, and many more. I alter various gamepieces such as jigsaw puzzles, tangrams, domino tiles, jenga blocks, toy blocks, chopping boards, shipping/office tags and turn them into wall or tabletop art and shelf sitters. Recently, I’ve also tried my hand at altering an old hardbound book and turning it into an art journal. I used to make beaded accessories many years ago, even gave out handmade beaded bookmarks as favors at my wedding. but I stopped and got unavoidably detained by mundane stuff, like, work 🙂 I started crafting again when I made DIY favors for my son’s baptism last year and that’s when I rekindled my love for creating. I don’t know exactly how I got into the path of altered art though. Maybe I just like the thought of “giving another chance at life” to old things, or even adding another “facet” to seemingly ordinary, everyday things and make others realize that these objects aren’t so ordinary after all. And then there’s crocheting. I learned how to crochet amigurumi by watching Youtube tutorials last year. Whenever I feel like I’ve run out of ideas and been doing the same thing in my alterations, I turn to crocheting to regroup.

Meet Margaux Rull--the woman behind Creative Chaos.

Meet Margaux Rull–the woman behind Creative Chaos.

Are you a full-time crafter? If not, what is your day job?
Yes, I am now a full-time crafter.

If you’re a full-time crafter, what made you take the leap and pursue your craft?
It just felt right. I’ve been hearing the words “leap of faith” over and over and over since last year and every time I did, my heart beat got a little stronger, a little quicker. I’ve waited too long and I needed to make the jump already.

So I did, just early this year. And here I am. Making the choice was surprisingly easy.

Margaux's pieces can easily become home decor, or wall art.

Margaux’s pieces can easily become home decor, or wall art.

What motivates you in pursuing this business?
The artists and craft enthusiasts who took the same leap of faith and who pursued their dreams with passion and the buyers who show genuine appreciation for what I do. Whenever I talk to them, I feel more inspired.

What are some of the challenges of maintaining a craft business?
Others who aren’t into crafting perceive the arts and craft business as some sort of a whim you’ll grow out of or get tired of someday – that’s mighty discouraging!

What’s a new skill–craft or business–that you’d like to learn?
Sketching and painting faces which I am now trying to learn, distressing wood, making an assemblage, handlettering

Margaux also does really awesome crocheted dolls--this pair looks absolutely lovely for a wedding.

Margaux also does really awesome crocheted dolls–this pair looks absolutely lovely for a wedding.

What’s your most recent craft business milestone?
Consigning at an art gallery. Not sure if anything of mine has been bought though, haha.

What is your favorite lesson in your experience of your business?
One should not be afraid to ask for feedback or suggestions especially from experienced crafters.

What craft business advice can you share with other aspiring entrepreneurs?
Keep on learning.

Catch Margaux's creations at next weekend's Maker's Market!

Catch Margaux’s creations at next weekend’s Maker’s Market!

Um, if you were a craft tool, what would you be? And why?
An X-acto knife. It’s super sharp and scary-looking and even just the sound of it seems edgy-cool, like some superhero’s weapon or something.

What can we expect to see from you guys at the upcoming Maker’s Market?
New batches of one of a kind vintage, grunge style altered art pieces and handstamped tags/notecards

Where else can we find your work?
at Prism Art Gallery in Makati and various Arts and Craft Fairs

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