Meet the Makers: Dennis, Eli and Fernando of Punch Crafts

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What do you make? How did you get into it?
Punch Crafts makes various interesting and useful items (i.e. coin purses, cord ties, key holders, bags, etc.) made of leather, canvas or nylon. Punch Crafts is composed of three good friends, Dennis B. Puno, Eli Shelah M. Chacon and Fernando A. Fortes, who share the same interest —crafting.

Punch Crafts got into leather crafting because leather is a very beautiful material to work with. It is elegant, useful and sturdy (but pricey). Sometime in September last year (2014), the members stumbled upon a store selling scrap/recycled leather (per kilo) at a very low price, and instantly came up with ideas for various leather projects. Initially, they thought of making items for personal use; but starting a leather project would cause you quite a sum as you need to invest in leather crafting tools and other materials, hence the start of Punch Crafts.


Meet the folks behind Punch Crafts: Dennis, Fernando and Eli.

Are you a full-time crafter? If not, what is your day job?
Members of Punch Crafts are part-time crafters. Dennis is a partner in a law office; Eli is a production coordinator in a video production house; and Fernando is a team lead in medical business process outsourcing (BPO).

The colors of these leather-strapped key rings are pretty fun.

The colors of these leather-strapped key rings are pretty fun.

What motivates you in pursuing this business?
The enjoyment in making and selling crafts motivates Punch Crafts. Passion in the work, appreciation of the clients/buyers and new friends in every event/bazaar really matter.

What are some of the challenges of maintaining a craft business?
Limited time (as we do it part time); expenses; and availability of materials

Fun and functional: leather cord organizers!

Fun and functional: leather cord organizers!

What’s a new skill–craft or business–that you’d like to learn?
Punch Crafts is a newbie in leather crafting; hence, wants to focus, learn more and polish the craft in the meantime.

What’s your most recent craft business milestone?
“Branding” the product is a business milestone for us since we to had to incorporate the label, logo, packaging, business cards and consider the total look of the brand and target market of the product.

Coin purse key chains!

Coin purse key chains!

What is your favorite lesson in your experience of your business?
Always ensure the quality of the work.

What craft business advice can you share with other aspiring entrepreneurs?
Do what you love and profit will come after.


All this awesome leather goodness is coming your way at the Maker’s Market at the Go Girl Expo!

Um, if you were a craft tool, what would you be? And why?
Punch tools. Punch Craft is nothing without the “Punch”.

What can we expect to see from you guys at the upcoming Maker’s Market?
Better packaging/label and more affordable premium leather goods.

Where else can we find your work?
You may visit these sites:
or email us at:

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